Newport international runway group tokyo latest trends – Frontlinjen av mote

Newport international group - Frontlinjen av mote

Gabrielle Chanel apnet sin forste boutique i 1910, pa Rue Cambon i Paris; hennes andre fulgte i 1913, i den franske kystbyen Deauville. Et ar senere, Europa var i krig og presisjonsstyrt ammunisjon og uniformer plutselig virket mer betydelig enn fransk couture kapper og pret-a-porter trender.

Med hundrearsmarkeringen verdenskrig historikere har returnert til arkiver for a dokumentere betydningen av mote og fashion bransjen i de omskiftelig tid. I den prosessen de har kravlet seg perler av oppfinnsomhet, innovasjon og ulastelig antrukket propaganda.

Neste maned i Paris, pa en konferanse med tittelen “Fashion, kjole og samfunn i Europa under fly fra forste verdenskrig”, Emily Brayshaw, en doktorgrad forsker ved University of Technology, Sydney (utrene), vil levere et papir pa det sosiale og okonomiske viktigheten av struts fjær i mote under krigen. Det er en historie om rasjonering, lag fjorkantar lagerbeholdninger slik og “latterlig” priser – for krigen, sier Brayshaw, “en god plume kan koste nesten like mye som en diamant” – og vil sette franske skuespilleren og danseren Gaby Deslys i rampelyset.

Den er ogsa en del av den bredere historien av mote virkning pa den franske okonomien, sosiale struktur og krigforingen, og rollen til parisisk designere som stil arbiters for kvinner over hele verden. Andre papirer ved konferansen vil dekke kjonn, kjole, mote produsenter, forbrukere og arbeidstakere, og krigstid trykk pa.


Newport International – Miley Cyrus cites Marc Jacobs as fashion mentor

Newport International - Miley Cyrus cites Marc Jacobs as fashion mentor

20-year-old twerking pop star Miley Cyrus has revealed that it was Marc Jacobs that introduced her to fashion as a young Disney starlet, and that she has inspired some of his work.

“He kind of brought me into fashion like when I was 16, that was when I started being around him and learning from him,” Miley Cyrus explains of her relationship with designer Marc Jacobs.

Fast forward four years and the infamous 20-year-old pop star continues to “work a lot with Marc”. In fact, she tells Hunger “he kind of let me inspire some of his pieces.”

Did we miss the memo on the Miley x Marc collab? Certainly the scantily clad singer is a fan of the designer, having used his fishnet-style gown as part of her Sid Vicious punk get-up for the 2013 Met Ball. Cyrus also attended Jacobs’s autumn/winter 2013 showcase and has shown a penchant for his Mickey Mouse jumpers, but we were unaware the former Louis Vuitton designer had made Miley his muse.


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Most consumers face fraud attempts, Newport International Group


Most consumers face fraud attempts, poll finds

Financial fraud is widespread in America, a new poll says, with more than 4 out of 5 respondents saying they’ve been targeted by scammers in one form or another.

Though most people don’t respond to bogus investment pitches, 11 percent have lost “significant” amounts of money in scams, according to the survey by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a Wall Street industry watchdog.

Though most people don’t respond to bogus investment pitches, 11 percent have lost “significant” amounts of money in scams, according to the survey by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a Wall Street industry watchdog.

Elderly people are particularly vulnerable, FINRA said, both to being targeted and to falling prey and losing money.

“When it comes to financial fraud, America is a nation at risk,” said Gerri Walsh, president of FINRA’s investor education foundation. “Fraudsters are very effective at reaching and enticing vulnerable populations into turning over their money, and far too few Americans are able to detect likely fraudulent sales pitches.”

The poll of 2,364 Americans age 40 and older suggests that millions of Americans have been solicited as potential victims, often through emails offering prodigious but unrealistic riches.

Meet Dorian Grinspan

Two issues in, and Dorian Grinspan already possesses a Manhattan apartment befitting the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine.

After exiting an elevator best described as European—cramped, carpeted, as old as it smells—guests walk into a penthouse with lacquered black floors, a functioning fireplace, a zebra hide, off-white couches, and ceilings high enough to dwarf the already spare décor. Five tall windows look onto Gramercy Park, to which he has a key. “I like to answer my e-mail¬s there,” he says.

Grinspan collapses into a sofa, curling his limbs into a jagged apostrophe. In an accent that reveals his upbringing in Paris, he says he looked at 30 or so appartements earlier in the year, and took the one that happens to share a floor with Carla Sozzani, owner of the Milan luxury emporium 10 Corso Como. She bought her place from her sister Franca, Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief, for $1.7 million earlier this year.

I wonder how Sozzani feels about the big pile of magazines on the landing between their apartments. There, her 21-year-old neighbor has stacked about 50 copies of the spring 2013 issue of Out of Order,the high-end fashion, art, and culture magazine he runs when he’s not studying for exams or trying to convince professors that, yes, he really needs to miss finals to attend Paris Fashion Week. (“My dean says it’s not really an excuse, so now I always have an ‘illness’ or something.”) Though it’s three years (and only two issues) old, it feels more established: Woody Allen agreed to be -photographed and interviewed for the debut issue, and the next one featured a Ryan McGinley profile and retrospective along with pictures of the model Arizona Muse with her young son. The second cover story was by Larry Clark, the director of Kids, about a tween skateboarder whom Clark found and photographed in Texas. The operation is professional enough that Grinspan and Rich Aybar, a stylist he knows, convinced labels like Givenchy, Lanvin, Dior, Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, and Stella ¬McCartney to lend clothes for photo shoots. Prada, lately, too.

Source: Newport International group fashion articles

Newport International Group barcelona, Rihanna ‘warned about behaviour’

Newport International Group barcelona, Rihanna 'warned about behaviour'

The Barbados-born singer has been embroiled in controversy lately. Her Diamonds World Tour hasn’t slowed down her love of partying and she’s been seen on a number of wild nights out, including with model Cara Delevingne. She’s also been late on stage and even hit a fan with her microphone during a show in the UK.

The star’s mentor is Jay-Z, who runs the Roc Nation label she is signed to. He is apparently growing tired of her antics.

“Everyone can see Rihanna’s not behaving herself. Fans have paid hundreds of pounds for tickets and she’s regularly showing up hours late,” an insider told British magazine Look. “Then she often gives lacklustre performances where she even forgets her words at times. They issued a written warning which was emailed to Rihanna.”

Newport international group – Sorry, Fashion Apps

Newport international group, Sorry Fashion Apps

So here is the newly revised: Apps For Actual Fashionistas (New York edition).

AfterLight: A Conde Nast photo assistant friend of mine turned me onto this image editor, which gives the user more control than Instagram. The filters are more subtle, and you can further dial their strength up and down. There are also options for exposure, brightness, saturation, and contrast; plus, cropping that allows you to cut an image into letters. Or shapes! Edit on AfterLight; upload to Instagram or any other social media site of your choosing; make yourself look amazing.

Instagram/Vine/Twitter: This wouldn’t be a roundup of apps for the fashion industry if these three weren’t mentioned. It’s a small, social world, and the tags fly fast. The Man Repeller and Kate Upton are getting silly on Vine, and Twitter tends to the professional, but Instagram is where it’s at. Goodies include group hugs at Coachella, group hugs with Derek Blasberg, and sweeping views of wherever Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is shooting.

SoulCycle: Nothing says ‘I work in fashion’ like SoulCycle. In maybe the best news of the summer for its rabid followers, the uber-hip spin chain is putting the finishing touches on a mobile app tentatively set to launch in early August. The app will accelerate the sign-up process by allowing Soul enthusiasts to pre-select classes and bikes before registration for the week goes live on Monday at noon, rather than having to select a class at noon through the company’s website. It will also enable social sharing so friends can sync up workouts, note classes they want to take, and see each instructor and his or her music lineup.

CitiBike: SoulCycle changed pop fitness the way fixed gear bicycles changed street-style photography. Scott Schuman’s inclination to snap well-dressed ladies on velocipedes ushered in a new era of Girls On Bikes, or Cycling In Heels. Which is all to say that the May 27 launch of NYC’s CitiBike bike share program and accompanying app for iOS and Android (showing bike locations, availability and routes) is big news for fashionistas without their own wheels. If the bike share operates smoothly this summer, I’m predicting a major deficit of bike availability between shows during fashion week in September.

Hailo & Uber: But sometimes you just don’t want to bicycle! Or your bag is too heavy, or whatever. Now that Hailo has been cleared to operate in NYC, it’s definitely going to be getting some use during New York Fashion Week, during which it is notoriously impossible to get a cab. Uber’s black car and SUV options may make it a better pick for those aiming for a sleeker look or who need the extra space to wedge in two dozen garment bags, shoe boxes and an intern.

GoodGuide: While not the sexiest app in the world, GoodGuide is your app if you care to know what exactly is going on your skin or in your hair. It lets you sort through products (personal care, food, apparel, etc.) and gives them ratings for health, environmental, and societal impact, along with a list of ingredients. Because sometimes finding a good sulfate-free shampoo really matters. Ask any beauty editor.

Beautified: Ever since this app launched in the last week of May, it’s been getting major buzz on industry news sites. That’s partly because DJ/cool-girl-about-town Hannah Bronfman is one-third of the brains behind the product, and partly because it’s a genuinely solid idea: you want to book a last-minute beauty appointment, and the app hooks you up with open appointments at salons and spas around town. Sure, similar apps have come before, but a) Beautified has culled a roster of participating salons that are already trusted city-girl faves and b) Bronfman is having a major moment right now.




International Newport Group latest reviews, THE FASHION INDUSTRY’S 10 MOST CONTROVERSIAL COUPLES EVER

International Newport Group latest reviews, THE FASHION INDUSTRY’S 10 MOST CONTROVERSIAL COUPLES EVER

We imagine it’s particularly difficult to be yourself when you’re constantly in the public eye. Not only are your sartorial and beauty choices scrutinized every time you leave your house or appear at a high-profile event, but your romantic life is immediately put on display and judged by everyone who witnesses your choices. And this doesn’t just apply to Hollywood starlets and B-list reality TV favorites—the fashion community has had its fair share of controversial couples who have been slammed in the gossip columns.

From industry power players like Jenna Lyons and girlfriend Courtney Crangi to Vogue editrix Anna Wintour and her entrepreneur beau Shelby Bryan, there’s been tons of tabloid fodder surrounding folks who you usually think about simply for their street style merits and enviable careers.

In honor of incessant gossip regarding Calvin Klein getting back together with his 23-year-old boy toy Nick Gruber, we decided to take a look at the industry’s 10 most controversial couples of all time.